Obviously, the veterinarians of Holland Lake Animal Hospital are animal lovers. Obviously, they work hard to take the best care of the pets and people they serve. But, what are they like outside of work? Here are 12 questions and answers that will provide a deeper, beyond-the-bios look at our team of veterinarians.



QUESTION #1: When and how did you decide you wanted to be a veterinarian?

 Dr. Langevin: I grew up on a ranch in Canada and was always around animals. My neighbor was a veterinarian, as was my father’s best friend. So, it was engrained in me from an early age.

 Dr. Cooper: It was what I always wanted to do. I always liked animals, and I think it was in second grade I saw a James Herriot excerpt in the reading book where he saves the cat that had been hit by a car. It spoke to me. After that, I never really changed my mind.

Dr. Young: I grew up on a farm, and, for as long as I can remember, I would shadow our local veterinarian when he would come out to work on our livestock. I would help give vaccines and anything else he would allow me to do.

Dr. Brown: I remember always wanting to be a veterinarian from a young age. The type of medicine I wanted to practice changed over the years. From zoo medicine to small animal to livestock to companion animals.


QUESTION #2: What’s your favorite part about being a veterinarian?

 Dr. Langevin: Helping people by helping their pets!

 Dr. Cooper: Working with people and pets.

Dr. Young: The relationships I develop with pets and their owners.

Dr. Nelson: Catching up and talking to clients.

Dr. Brown: No two days are the same.


QUESTION #3: What’s your least favorite part about being a veterinarian?

 Dr. Langevin: Delivering the bad news…

 Dr. Cooper: Some of the smells that go with the job.

Dr. Young: Anal glands!

Dr. Nelson: Euthanasia.

Dr. Brown: Delivering bad news.


QUESTION #4: If you had to choose a new career, what would it be and why?

 Dr. Langevin: Professional golfer (I can always dream), or construction. I enjoy building fences, barns, landscaping, remodeling rooms… My wife would probably say I’m a jack of all trades and master of none!

 Dr. Cooper: Pony trainer at the circus… Why not?

Dr. Young: I love children and would consider being an elementary school teacher, or I could combine my love of animals and be an instructor at a veterinary school.

Dr. Brown: Bartender in Key West: beautiful weather, laid-back atmosphere, tons of interesting and happy people.


QUESTION #5: Coke or Pepsi?

 Dr. Langevin: None of the above. Too much sugar.

 Dr. Cooper: Definitely Coke.

 Dr. Young: Neither. Once I moved to Texas and discovered the sweet tea, there is no other beverage! It’s one of my worst vices.

Dr. Nelson: Coke.

Dr. Brown: Coke.


QUESTION #6: Dog or cat?

 Dr. Langevin: Cat

 Dr. Cooper: Both.

 Dr. Young: If I have to choose, dog. But, growing up I could always be found out in the barn with all of my kitties.

Dr. Nelson: Dog.

Dr. Brown: Dog.


QUESTION #7: Read a book or run a 10k?

 Dr. Langevin: Run a 10k.

 Dr. Cooper: Book… Maybe a 5k.

Dr. Young: Lately, read a good book. But, running a marathon is on my bucket list.

Dr. Nelson: Read a book.

Dr. Brown: Read a book.


QUESTION #8: Downtown life or rural life?

 Dr. Langevin: Rural life.

 Dr. Cooper: City is fun to visit, but country is for living.

Dr. Young: Rural life hands down!

Dr. Nelson: Rural life.

Dr. Brown: Rural life.


QUESTION #9: Do you have pets?

 Dr. Langevin: Dogs x2: Reggie, a German shepherd and Allie, a Pomeranian. Domestic short hair cats x 4: Gary, Stan, Franny, and Gurty.

 Dr. Cooper: Yes. Nola, a 14-year-old golden chow mix; Fluffy, a 5-year-old domestic medium hair; Chumley Applejacks, a 4-year-old blue tick hound mix; and Monkey Catawells, a 3-year-old domestic short hair.

Dr. Young: Yes. Dogs: A 13-year-old Maltese named Pippin and a 6-year-old morkie named Penny. Cat: A 7-year-old domestic short hair named Millie. Horse: A 24-year-old quarter horse named Spot. Plus, a 1-year-old Guinea pig named Latte, 12 laying hens, and one rooster.

Dr. Nelson: Yes, Spotty, a female English pointer.

Dr. Brown: Yes. Stella, a 10-year-old Australian shepherd; Jolene, a 7-year-old pit mix; Gunner, an 11-year-old golden retriever; Margeaux and Lloyd, 6-month-old Hereford calves (my first embryo babies); five commercial mama cows; Elphaba, a 10-year-old mini hinny (opposite of a mule); a saltwater/liverock aquarium.


QUESTION #10: What about your human family?

 Dr. Langevin: Married to my wife of 7 years, Ashlee, with four children: Luke is 6, Sam is 4, Leah is 3, and Ben is 1.

 Dr. Cooper: Married for almost 15 years. Four kiddos, ages 6-12.

Dr. Young: I am married to Gabe Young, an equine veterinarian here in Weatherford. We have four children: Levi is 5, Luke and Lila are 3, and Liam is 1.

Dr. Nelson: Married. One daughter and one son, both are grown and out of the house.

Dr. Brown: Married with a 6-month-old daughter named Cameron.


QUESTION #11: What do you do for fun?

 Dr. Langevin: Golfing and working outside.

 Dr. Cooper: I enjoy baking, reading, and going for a jog.

Dr. Young: I love to sew/quilt and do anything crafty.

Dr. Nelson: Leatherworking and hunting.

Dr. Brown: Water skiing.


QUESTION #12: What’s something about you that might surprise others?

 Dr. Langevin: Being from Canada, I played junior hockey and aspired to play professionally.

Dr. Cooper: I had my vet school entrance interview from a phone booth in the train station in Venice, Italy

Dr. Young: I love pigs, have had multiple jobs on swine farms, and at one point I wanted to be a swine vet.

Dr. Nelson: I am a Vietnam veteran.

Dr. Brown: My age. Everyone thinks I’m younger than I am. I graduated vet school at 25 and have been practicing for 5 years. (You do the math.)


Now that you really know the Holland Lake veterinarians, come see them doing what they do best: taking exceptional care of pets. Join them for the Grand Re-Opening of Holland Lake Animal Hospital on Friday, December 7, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.